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About GNCC

Generation Next Childcare (GNCC) is an mixed-aged group*, in-home child care located in Upper Marlboro, Md.

Established in 2007, GNCC is based on the belief that your child's developmental progress and emotional & physical well-being is catered to at all times.

GNCC is focused on the development of children which include physical, cognitive, social and emotional functioning. We are dedicated to quality care for children while fostering their interests and abilities. 

Environment adaptations are important to the learning process as well. And this is why, GNCC is a takes extra steps to ensure a clean daycare, by incorporating Plant-Based, Toxic/Chemical free cleaning products & bi-weekly in-house Covid-19 disinfection service.

We have a strong understanding about the demands of parenting and firmly believes in incorporating every aspect of a child's world, including the most important influence in their lives--the parents.

We've formulated a program that revolves around the parent as well as the child; Monthly Field Trips, Parent's Night/Day Out, Field Day, and Fundraisers are only a few ways we've included our parents in our program!

GNCC's quality of care for our enrolled children is top notch!

At GNCC, the staff has exceeded minimum requirements of certifications and trainings required by the State of Maryland. We participate in continuing education classes and training annually!

Our belief is that children learn best from others who understand the value of quality education and from those who are constantly striving to improve themselves as well. Parents should feel confident in knowing that their child will be well cared for in a clean, safe, comfortable, and inviting environment with dedicated and professionally trained providers.

*Mixed-age group: All enrolled children learn & play in the same environment. Thus allowing younger aged children to develop and learn from the older children. (This has been proven to help the development (language, social, & physical) in infants take place sooner in age.)


Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774

Bus Route info: Please inquire 

Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 6:00pm

Summer Hours: 630am- 530pm (June-August)

Sat - Sun : Closed

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