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Food Menus & Monthly


Our food menus incorporates only organic, raw fruits and veggies 

versus your average in-home centers.

**We also serve fruit and vegetable smoothies!!**

"Research shows that establishing healthy eating

habits early in life has positive effects on a child’s health and

well being."

GNCC provides Breakfast & Afternoon Snack to enrolled children daily to children age 1 and older; at no additional cost.

  • Parents are responsible to provide child's LUNCH daily.

  • GNCC can blend homemade baby food using fresh fruits and veggies weekly; sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, etc. Parents with children under age 1, can pay additional for these meals.

  • Parents do have the option to provide foods, cereals, snacks and beverages of their choice; tuition rate does not decrease if food is provided. 

We do not serve beef or pork products.

Revolving Food Menus are printed for families to hang for daily viewing.

  • Recipes of some of the children's favorites will be added to the monthly newsletter for "at-home" cooking fun.

Generation Next Childcare is committed to getting and keeping the parents involved in our program's monthly activities.

Monthly Newsletters are emailed via Constant Contact to parents no later than the 5th of every month. It keeps you updated on your child's curriculum, field trips, daycare closings, etc. 

**Parents are encouraged to check their email accounts regularly to stay updated; if you don't receive it check your spam/junk folder as well**

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